I’ve been nominated for…The Blogger Recognition Award.

Huge huge thank you for the nomination Kelsey at Don’t Shush Me!

So, what is this?

This award was created by the lovely Edge of Night, to give bloggers a chance to be recognised and, in turn, to celebrate the bloggers of their choice.

And if you’re nominated, what do you do?

1: Nominate 15 other blogs you want to give the award to! And really dig around for these – you can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you.

2: Create a post to show off your award. And give a little backstory to your blog, and your personal blogging journey. Also, give some advice to other bloggers about blogging, and the blogosphere. Also, thank whoever nominated you, and include your award in the post – do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above.

3: Comment on the 15 blogs to let them know that you are nominating them.

4: And provide a link back to the original creator of the award, Edge of Night, so that we can all keep track of the award and who has been nominated!

My Blogging Story.

All in all, I’ve been blogging on different accounts for over ten years. My first blog was a mess of my love for the Simpsons, ridiculous posts about celebrities I loved and horribly bad grammar. And after that, I started getting into book reviews and wanting my voice to be heard. Now, as my blogging style has evolved, and from being bullied online and targeted, I’ve started to not really care what others think about me, or my writing. I’ve worked in two book shops, a library and actually have a degree in English and Creative Writing, so my love for the written word is virtually limitless. And, I never limit myself to a particular genre of books, or a particular age bracket. So I feel I don’t have to limit myself to reading and writing reviews about one stuck genre. And with this blog, I wanted to document my year-long weight loss, and exercise gain. After losing a stone and a half, and being able to fit properly into pretty clothes, my confidence in myself has grown, and I started to see and appreciate how beautiful being a curvy girl was. I started to follow and love online presences such a SprinkleOfGlitter and Tess Holliday, and wanted to put my own stamp on the world. And from this, I wanted to put all my experiences into one neat little blog that I look after and help grow.

My Advice.

Firstly, don’t apologise for being yourself. Your blog is your own little corner of the internet where you can write down all your thoughts, your opinions and show off your writing style and flair. One of my own blogs was targeted by ex-friends, and it made me highly self-conscious of getting my opinions out there. But I was actually earning money from that blog, and I thought ‘fine. The traffic that you show to me is actually giving me income. Go ahead, talk about it. Get it out there!’. So yes, write it all down. But keep the things you want private offline. You don’t want anything bad to come and bite you in a few years time.

Also, if you have a particular book you hated, and you have reasons why, then write it down. It will help other readers get a clear picture of the book, and make them more aware of what is out there. That’s the same with recommendations. If you have a book that you think people will love, then say so.

So write, write, write. Follow equally-minded blogs, comment and support them and they’ll do the same for you. Also, be patient. Be popular online doesn’t happen overnight. And if you want to get loads of followers, you’ve got to give to get. You can’t do nothing and expect to get everything. This is a fun little community, so why not support everyone?

My nominations.

The YA Reader

Take Her Lead


See Inner Beauty

Thoughts, Musings, and Storytelling

Shih Tzu Book Reviews

Books J’Adore

Reflections of a Book Addict

Curves on the Central Line

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself

Dreaming Awake


The Plus Size Blogger

Bold, Curvy and Beautiful

A Bit of What you Fancy

— So yeah, Bloggers Unite! —

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