Romantic and Rustic Wedding Moodboard.

As I’ve stated before in my Winter Wedding Ideas, I absolutely adore wedding planning. Of course, my own wedding is far in the future, but I think there is no harm in starting mood boards and looking through magazines early, so you can get an overall feel into what vibe you want your wedding to look like.

Now, as winter has finally turned the corner, and Easter and Spring is fast approaching, I thought I’d do an updated Romantic and Rustic Wedding mood board and invitation blogpost.

So, in a very rough attempt of a moodboard, I’ve collected a few photos of some of my favourite ‘Romantic and Rustic’ wedding-esque vibes, that not only give me something to aspire towards, but are also very unique.

So yes, as you can see, I’ve gone for a very dusty pink wedding palette. Now, my favourite colour scheme ever is light blue-and-white, but I feel for a romantic and spring wedding, this dusty pink just compliments the time of the year. Roses are my favourite flower, as I think they just add sophistication and beauty to everything they accompany, and having them attached to a veil would make for such a beautiful and unique wedding touch.

Now, as an English graduate and book nerd, I think having literary touches as table centerpieces and confetti reflect me as a person, and would be great conversation starters. Also, who doesn’t want to be doused with confetti made from the world’s greatest love stories?

And the addition of a blackboard, gorgeous shoes, and candlelight, my spring wedding board bursts with love, beauty, floral overtones and magic. I think a spring wedding needs to have something that ties in with nature, and by giving seeds as a wedding gift to guests, this also shows that your from your wedding day, life has the ability to be created and cultivated.

So, what would my wedding invitation look like? Now, I was searching and searching, and found this website called PaperlessPost, so through this, I got to peruse through the thousands of designs. PaperlessPost offer both online and physical copies of invitations,  and you can either pick from the beautiful designs, or customise your own and add photos, to make the invitation entirely unique and personal. And it’s not just limited to weddings, but a whole smorgasbord of invitation-worthy events.

And the design I chose was the line created by renowned fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, and it’s the Rose Floral Ikat in the Navy colour. 421f85398a8794d54b5db502a21aa49c6ae0c2f5_1457444862

Now, I know it doesn’t necessarily follow with the pale and dusty pastels of my wedding palette, but I found this to be the most classically stunning and elegant colour scheme. I love how PaperlessPost show the invitation off with reference to literary characters, and with wedding invitations and envelopes all showing this beautiful design, I just fell in love.

So here it is, my romantic and rustic wedding ideas blogpost. For my full moodboard and inspirations, I will link my Pinterest below, so you can see more if you so wish.

But please tell me, what’s your dream wedding? And would you stick with pastels, or go for something different?

My Romantic and Rustic Spring Wedding Inspirational Pieces.

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