Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap (Caviar Leather with Silver Hardware) – Handbag Review

Following my Vestiaire Collective blog post, you all know that I bought my first Chanel bag off this very reputable pre-owned site. And after buying it on Sunday, I receive the bag in the post on Thursday the following week and have never looked back.

This was in September, and now as it’s coming up to the sixth-month anniversary, I thought it was high time to do this overdue review.

So here’s my review on carrying around and using the Chanel Jumbo in Caviar Leather.

The Bag itself.

When I received the bag, it came with a Chanel box and dustbag.


The seller didn’t include the authenticity card (which, for resellers who buy and sell bags as a living, this would be a bit of an issue, but for me, I wasn’t fussed.) The bag was very well packaged, and I was beyond thrilled.

The first thing I noticed when I picked it up was how heavy the Double Flap is. At around 3lbs (1.3kg) empty, this is a weighty bag. I mean, even the straps weigh a fair bit. I’ve heard that the Single Flap comes in just under 2lbs in weight, but I can’t really comment as I’ve never felt the difference. But when my Jumbo goes against my Speedy and Neverfull empty, this is by far the heaviest bag I own.

As I bought mine pre-owned, I expected there to be some cosmetic damage. But I was pleasantly surprised how little it had wear and tear. The exterior of the bag looked so clean, and it was only on the red interior that you could see some scratching. So for the price I paid – I’ll answer this in private messaging, as it was quite a bit and I don’t want to shock any readers – I was really pleased.

What can it hold?

Surprisingly, a fair bit. But I have had to cut down on some aspects of my day-to-day bits and bobs if I want to take this bag out.

As it stands, my Jumbo can carry:

  • A Kindle Paperwhite with Leather case
  • An iPhone 6s (in case)
  • An iPod with in-ear headphones.
  • Keys
  • A slim bottle of 50ml perfume
  • A pack of sunglasses in a soft case.
  • A Louis Vuitton Jeanne Wallet
  • A card case for rail-passes/bank cards
  • A lipstick.

This is the sort of stuff that I would take with me on my a day

out. Obviously, this bag could obviously fit a bit more (if you didn’t mind bulging and really filling it to capacity) or less. This would all add to the weight of the bag. As it stands with the list above, this bag does get heavy.

However, with the style of straps, it never really digs in. I usually wear it on one shoulder, with the straps doubled up, but the option is there to wear it crossbody. For me, at 5ft 6 however, the bag hits me at a strange place if I did that.


Now, I have had to really cut down on packing my Jumbo. Usually, I carry paperbacks or hardback books wherever I go (I use public transport a lot) but I can’t with this one. The Jumbo could fit a full hardback book it in, but nothing else. I’ve also had to use in-ear headphones and cut down on my keyrings that I had attached to my keys. These are only little changes, so I don’t mind.

How the bag looks.

One word – classic. I love wearing this bag. I always get a little zing whenever I wear it out. Maybe it’s because this is my dream bag, or maybe because it just looks so understated and beautiful against any outfit, I’m not sure. But I adore it.

The Jumbo is the second to largest size, but I think it suits my height and frame well. This bag can be easily worn as a day to night bag, and thanks to the Caviar Leather, it’s fairly durable.


As I’ve said before, I don’t baby my bags. However, I always do endeavour to keep them out of harm’s way. They have been insured and live on their own special shelf in my room in dust bags, so they are kept pretty safe when I’m not wearing them. During my time of wearing my Jumbo outside, I haven’t noticed any scuffs at all. The pebbled caviar leather does live up to its expectation of being resilient, so I’m very pleased about that.

In the UK, we’ve also been subjected to some fairly heavy rain and snow of late, and obviously, I try not to take my Jumbo out when there’s a downpour (I usually take my lovely little Speedy for times like those) but when I’ve been caught unawares, the bag has never become waterlogged or damaged any of my electronic goods inside.


For me, the only drawback has been the size of the bag. I don’t mind having to reconfigure everything in my bag to suit the Jumbo, but when I need to swap things out – for example swapping my work Neverfull tote into my Jumbo – this becomes a little bit of an issue. I can’t fit in my lunchbox into my Jumbo, nor my water bottle.

I am also very conscious about how expensive it is, and how much of a target it is for bag thievery. This always plays on the back of my mind whenever I take it out for dinner with my boyfriend or a day of shopping with my friends. I feel extra cautious about it. However, I have done all I can do – with getting it insured against loss and being stolen, and being extra diligent when I take it out – but the fear is always there.

For someone who carries around a heavy bag day-to-day, the weight is something that really doesn’t bother me. This would surprise a lot of people I’m sure.

I know that my next Chanel bag would be a Medium-Large in the Lambskin and Gold hardware, as this would become my really special night out bag, but my Jumbo – with its beauty and resilience will always give me that little zing of sensation whenever I casually wear it.






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