Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessoires – First Impressions and Review.

I think that with all my reviews of this brand, the fact I love Louis Vuitton isn’t a particularly surprising thing. So when I went up to London a couple of months ago, I decided to treat myself and go into New Bond Street Store to buy myself a new little goodie.

It was part of my 24th birthday celebration, and I had some business to attend to whilst in the London flagship store (a post about that will be coming soon). So, 3 months in, and what are my thoughts on this very popular accessory? Have a read, and I’ll tell you.

So why did I buy the Mini Pochette Accessoire?

I bought this particular style after needing something extra to transition with me as I swapped my bags out. Between my Jumbo, Speedy and Neverfull, I always take:IMG_1215-1

After that, my purse/bag always just accumulate debris – from receipts to painkillers to everyday essentials. And although I usually take my detachable Neverfull pouch as a secondary bag within my bigger styles, I wanted something designed specifically to house my bits-and-bobs. (My NF clutch won’t fit inside my Jumbo either)

So I wanted something that could fit some makeup bits, pills (painkillers and travel sickness if you’re curious) earplugs and hair accessories.

This is why I picked the Mini Pochette. From reviews online, I saw that despite its petite dimensions, it could fit a surprising amount. And it would fit in well with my Louis Vuitton family.

It also was a very reasonable price for something designer, and I just knew it would keep going up if I didn’t buy it then.

So why did I buy it in the Monogram print?

I did debate between Monogram and Damier Azure. I’m a huge, huge Monogram fan, but I don’t own anything in the Azure print. However, when it came down to the actual decision making, I went with my gut and picked something that I knew I would love.

I didn’t consider the Damier Ebene this time as I’ve had some issues with the leather cracking (hence my trip to London) and I just didn’t want this hassle again.

So what can fit inside?

As I’ve said before, the Mini Pochette Accessoire can hold a surprising amount. I’ve used it on a night out before and taken my phone (an iPhone 6s without the case) my card holder and key. The pouch can just about hold the length of a 6s without stretching the leather out, so that’ll give you a rough guide to how long it is.

The Monogram comes with the vachetta leather on the tag, along with a brown interior and a gorgeous gold metal-link wrist strap. This strap can be to attach to a ring on the inside/outside of a bag, or worn just around your wrist.

For official sizing, the Mini Pochette Accessoire measures at:

5.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches
( length  x height  x width )

I use my Mini Pochette to house all the knick-knacks that I think I need through the day. This is what I actually took out of my bag today, and how much room is left at the top.


You can easily swap bits in and out to hold more if you wish. I know that this pouch can also fit:

50ml bottle of suncream – travel size
A pocket fold-away hairbrush/mirror
A travel pass

So is it worth £195?

For me, and probably all LV fans, this is a firm yes. This little pouch is beautifully made and I love the wrist-strap addition. It makes it feel like a really mini bag and not just a SLG. The strap does seem to get tangled inside my bag (and I carry a lot of stuff) and I can easily find it every time.

So far, I haven’t had any issues with it opening up within my bag – so I believe the zip and closure it well made.

For a very popular piece of Louis Vuitton, I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone who may want to protect the inside of their bags, or just store their bits-and-bobs.


If you’ve got any questions, I’d love to hear and hopefully answer them 😀

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