The Cornish Cookbook – Book Review

If there’s one thing that I’ll hold my hands up and say ‘I’m dreadful at this’, then it’s cooking. I’ve never had the want or thrill to cook, and I always find the stress that it causes me to not be worth the meal that I’ve prepared.

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks this. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy whipping up a spaghetti bolognese or a curry from time to time, as I consider this easy stuff. But when it comes to expanding my culinary repertoire, I’m just not interested.

However, I get a lot of stick for this from friends and family, so when I was sent The Cornish Cookbook from Meze Publishing to try out, I thought I’d have a peek and see if I could try to make one recipe from scratch and follow the exact instructions laid out.
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Harry Potter Film Vault: Forest, Lake and Sky Creatures – Book Review

If there’s one book series that completely sums up my childhood and adolescence, it would be Harry Potter. I was, and remain to this very day, a huge Potter fan. So when I got the chance to review a set of four film vault books from Titan Books, it’s safe to say that this was the best bit of book mail I’ve had in a while.

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