About Alice.

Hello and welcome to my page!

This blog was built up over a good few months of self-discovery. After losing nearly 5 stone in weight, and doing it without expensive gym memberships or stupid diets, I thought to myself that I wanted to not only document how I did it but also write about the things I love and enjoy, as well as give honest opinions about products.

IMG_2699What I enjoy doing is writing and reading. Reading for me isn’t a chore or something I find particularly challenging, and because I’ve read voraciously through my childhood and into young adulthood, I’ve also developed a keen eye for what works well in a story, and what doesn’t.

As a writer, and English Masters Graduate I’ve also been able to develop and hone my skills. As you can see, my love for the written word has been something I’ve taken to heart.

I’ve been blogger on a small-ish scale for over six years now, and have recently started working in digital marketing and social media platforms, so I know how to promote my website.

What I want to do with this website is give my professional/honest opinion on the products that I read, test and wear.

If you wish to contact me, please do some on my contact form or via my business email. This email is monitored daily, but due to working a full day, it may take me a little bit of time to answer it.

Business Email – alrosedempsey@gmail.com

Twitter – AliceRDempsey

LinkedIn – Alice Dempsey


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