July Favourites – Fashion, Media and Beauty.

So we’re halfway through July, and I decided I wanted to do something a little different this week. I’ve decided to start a ‘Monthly Favourites’ tag for my website. This is something I’ve seen on a fair few YouTubers and bloggers site, so I thought ‘Why not?’

I’ll be going down fashion pieces, beauty, media and then books (of course) so if you want to find out more about me, carry on reading!

Favourite piece of clothing?

Samantha Faiers Jacquard Cutwork Pleated Dress – Red Polka Dots. RRP £74

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 21.22.10

I have no idea how much this would’ve cost originally, but I bought it in a charity shop (with tags) for £5. And I can tell you, this dress has taken me from streets fairs to meals out. The material is fairly heavy so despite being washed, it hasn’t lost its shape or definition and it fits me well.

Favourite pair of shoes?

Moshulu ‘Wilma 2’ Sandals in Red– RRP £49


For people who don’t want to fork out on Birkenstocks and just want to test the waters with corkbed sandals, I’d really recommend these shoes. The toe-straps make them feel a bit like flip-flops, but the soft leather ensures that it doesn’t cut between your toes. They are very comfortable and secure, and mold to your feet over the course of a few months.

I bought my first pair of Wilma’s at the start of summer and have barely worn anything else. Which has given me the best tan line ever.

Favourite beauty product?

L’Occitane Néroli & Orchidée Perfume– RRP £56


This is my all-time favourite perfume, and it’s kind of unfair to just call it a monthly favourite. For me, it’s a beautiful floral scent but not sickeningly sweet. It lasts quite a long time on your skin, and when it fades, it doesn’t leave a horrible smell behind. I’ve worn this for well over a year daily now, and whenever I spray it on, it invokes very happy memories for me.

For all perfume fans out there:


Top notes: Orange, Mandarin

Middle notes: Neroli, Peach, Fig Milk, Lily of the Valley

Base notes: Orchid, Musk, Iris

Favourite TV show?

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Available on Netflix)


I’m so massively behind on this trend, but at the moment I’m LOVING RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s 100% my guilty pleasure, and whenever I have a night away from my boyfriend, I love nothing better to do than curl up and watch the episodes on Netflix. The contestants are BEAUTIFUL on there, and I love seeing them all compete.

Favourite place to go?

The beach. (Image of Kynance Cove, Cornwall on Sunday)


As Britain’s been going through something of a heatwave the last few weeks, down in Cornwall we’ve been blessed with plenty of sun-filled weekends to go to the beach. I’ve spent days swimming in the sea, having barbeques and reading on the beach. And it’s been glorious!

Favourite Book?

The Imperial Tea Party by Frances Welch– RRP £12.99


What long-time readers of this blog will know is that I’m obsessed with Russian history. And because the 16/17th July marked 100 years since the Romanovs were assassinated, there’s been a few new books out to mark this anniversary.

I read Frances Welch’s new book last week, and not only did it completely rekindle my love for the Romanovs, but it brought to light an interesting spate of events – when the Romanovs visited their royal British cousins. If you’re a fan of this particular era of history, I’d thoroughly recommend this book!


So I think that about raps it up for what I’m loving the last month or so. If you’ve got any comments, or you want to me add anything else in, just let me know in the comments. Thanks everyone!



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