2018 – The Year in Roundup & How I Smashed My Goals.

So we’re just under two weeks away from the end of 2018, and what a year it’s been. I’m currently writing this on a blustery Saturday night, in my new home, with our Christmas lights ablaze and my partner starting dinner. And when I started this year, I never even thought this could be a possibility.

So, what was 2018 like for me? I’ll tell you.

The year started as the past few years have. I woke up to 2018 living in my parents home, working parttime in a retail job that gave me enough money to pay my bills (and not much else) and without much on the horizon. However, 2018 was going to be my year. I knew I had plans, I knew that I was going to change my situation. I knew I had to do better.

In my private life, I was very content. I was incredibly happy with the man of my dreams who had just taken me on a trip to Munich as a surprise.

But on the other side, I was getting itchy. Hungry. Bored.

Bored of working in retail where I couldn’t save money. Bored of working with the general public. Tired of living at home without my own space to grow.

So I decided to change up my life.

My work

I quit my job and found another one in our closest city. One that wasn’t necessarily better (I didn’t like the industry I was working in) but it got me a salary and was a good way to ease me into working 40 hours a week.

But I got itchy again. So I found my next step. A career job. One I was excited to work on. One that made me driven, and actually want to go into work everyday and try my hardest at. And I’m pleased to say that 11 months on, I’m still at this job. And I love it. I love the people I work with. Love what I’m doing everyday. Love learning new skills and developing my other ones.

So that was my career for 2018 done.


My next goal was to become more self-reliant. And for me that meant passing my driving test.

So every weekend, I woke up early for hour and a half lessons. I studied super hard for my theory exam. I managed to get my own car and begged my driver friends to accompany me out on my own.

And after 4 attempts, I did it. I passed my test in August.

Ever since then, I conquered my fear of driving, and now commute 60 miles a day to my job. And I love it. I love listening to the radio in the morning & evenings. I love being able to drive to gigs, and to new places in Cornwall. I love going on mini-adventures with my partner on Sundays. And the more I do it, the more confident I get.

That was my driving test – done.

My home

My next biggest thing was moving out. This was always in the pipeline for my partner and I. We had planned to move out of our relative homes a few times, but with changing circumstances, we just couldn’t. But we started properly crunching numbers, and in November 2018, we decided to sign up to estate agents and go for viewings. And we found our flat.

A week later, we moved in.

In the two weeks since I’ve been here, I’ve acquired furniture, kitchenware, and bills to my name. I now come home to hot meals every night, and my partner bringing me coffee in bed every morning.

It’s the cosiest, warmest place and my partner tells me he hasn’t been this happy in years.

So that was moving out – done.

This year, in roundup

In between all these events, I spent long summer days on the beach with my friends, I graduated with my Masters, I finally became a size 10 after losing over 5 stone. I read 100 books, I celebrated my one year anniversary with my partner.

I finally took my life into my hands, and it feels like I have come out victorious. If 2018 has taught me anything, it’s that life doesn’t do anything for you. You have to actually go out there, and put all your time and energy into changing and making things work for you.

It was the busiest, and the best year of my life.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me.



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