Vengeful by V.E Schwab – Book Review

Title: Vengeful

Author: V. E Schwab

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fantasy, Teenage Fiction, YA

A few weeks ago, I reviewed V. E Schwab’s cult favourite novel Vicious. Given it a very favourable review, I was so so excited for it’s 2018 sequel. So when the lovely people at Titan Books sent me a gorgeous hardback to review, I delved into it with the fresh knowledge of where the story left off, who the characters were and the world the author built.

With the similar flashback heavy narrative that the first novel did so well with, Vengeful introduces two new characters and a whole host of issues with our favourite band of ExtraOrdinary’s.

Five years after the epic battle that left Victor dead and Eli imprisoned, we find Victor back thanks to Sydney’s life-restoring power. However, his third chance at life comes at a price. Victor’s power has been changed, damaged and magnified, and he finds himself breaking apart. In the meantime, a brand new EO is rising and bringing untold carnage to the city of Merit. Former mobster moll Marcella is back for revenge after her husband left her for dead, and with her destructive need for vengeance comes her equally devastating power. So it’s up to Victor and his makeshift family to decide what to do with Marcella – and it may need the help of the incarcerated Eli..


When I read Vicious, I loved the speedy pace this novel had. I felt like I was being rushed through the book, but not in a bad way. There was a tension that just radiated through the pages. And I’m pleased the say Vengeful had the same feeling. We get to fall back in love with the familiar characters from Vicious (and even get some much needed back story for our beloved Eli) but it didn’t leave the new characters adrift. I particularly loved Sydney in this book, and she is seen less like a scared little girl and more like a confused young woman who doesn’t know where she fits. She’s both angry, defiant and loyal to her adopted family, which makes for brilliant reading.

Marcella is a hurricane of anger and emotion. She storms through the pages full of wrath and the belief that she is unstoppable. And I love her for this. It’s so lovely to read a strong female character make her stamp in the world.

However, for me, the most interesting character was one who still remained something of a mystery. The secretive June has one hell of an interesting power – which I won’t reveal here – but it’s the fact that at the end, we still don’t know much about her. There’s a lot of guesses, but I’m really hoping the V.E Schwab will give her a standalone novel, or just a bigger part in the next book. For me, this was probably the only downfall of the book – but makes me incredibly eager for the next book.

I have yet to been disappointed by a V.E Schwab novel, and I’m so so pleased that this one lived up to it’s predecessor.

If you’re looking for a good YA author that simply doesn’t work on love triangles, pick up anything by V.E Schwab.

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