Mini Book Reviews

In an effort to get back to blogging, I thought I’d update everyone on what I’ve read over the last few months. Thanks to the very lovely & patient people at Titan, I’ve been basically flooded with books to read, and although I don’t have time to do big lengthy reviews, I thought I’d just combine them all here.

The Bone Garden by Heather Kassner


Wow, what a novel! I read this book in a few days, and enjoyed the creepy magic that poured from each page. With Tim Burton/Coraline vibes, this book will appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morganstern, and can be enjoyed from readers aged 13+.

With gorgeous storytelling, intriguing characters and a hook-able plot, this is a fantastic debut novel, and I think will be perfect to enjoy over Halloween or in the witching hour.

The Girl in Red by Christine Henry


I’ve made no secret for my love for Christine Henry novels, and was so pleased to receive The Girl in Red. A take on the classic Red Riding Hood tale, this novel moves the Red myth into a dystopian, broken world, and the girl in red is not the damsel in distress that the original story featured, but a badass survivalist.

For fans of fairytales, Once Upon a Time and even The Walking Dead, I am never disappointed with Henry’s novels, and will definitely be rereading this again.

Turning Light into Darkness by Marie Brennan


I’ve just started this book, and will be editing this paragraph to fit in my review, but it’s been such a joy to dive into Brennan’s epic fantasy world again. Who doesn’t want a little more dragon in their day to day life.


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