October Favourites – Clothing, TV Shows and Memories.

So we’re well into the second week of November, and that simple fact is blowing my mind! Where has this year gone? 

After missing my September favourites, I thought it was high time to do an October roundup. So sit back, relax and check out what I was loving in October:

Favourite Outfit?

Velvet Floral Skater Dress from New Look


I love this dress for autumn. With a three-quarter length sleeves, it gives me enough cover and warmth for those chillier days, but with a low-cut back and a skater style skirt, there’s also plenty of air flow. I always think velvet looks best during autumn/winter as you can wear it out and not get overheated. 

This is also a great dress for work, and can be both dressed up and down. A great purchase.

Unfortunately, New Look no longer carries this particular style, but I’m sure you can find alternatives on other sites.

Favourite Accessory?

Purple Thinsulate Thermal Gloves


Interesting fact – ever since I lost weight, I’ve really suffered with the cold. My extremities are in a perpetual state of chilliness, and during winter, I really have to wrap up warm to even get my fingers to move.

So early on, I decided that 2018 would be the year I pass by on buying cheap high street gloves like I do every year (I tend to lose one glove a year so have loads of mismatched singles) and actually invest and take care of some thermal gloves.

I bought these purple Thinsulate Gloves for £5 in a sale in Mountain Warehouse about a month ago, and they’ve completely changed my life. 

The extra thermal layer really helps, and I like how they’re not overly bulky either. However, these are child sized, as my hands are quite small, so you may need to size up.

For the price, I’m annoyed I didn’t do it sooner! 

Beauty product

B Skincare Lip Rescue


I rave on about this lip balm every year, and for a larger review, check out my blog post here This is the first lip balm I’ve used that helps stop bad lip chapping but doesn’t make my lips feel greasy. And I’ve tried using Burts Bees, EOS products & Vaseline. And nothing has worked better than this. 

Favourite memory?

Taking a Sunday walk to Sennen.


October was a fairly quiet month for gadding about. But I did love venturing out with my friends for a very blustery beach walk and enjoy a hot chocolate afterwards.

With a good few miles of golden sand, Sennen Beach is a haven for surfers and is absolutely rammed in the summer. However during October, dogs are allowed back on and it really becomes more of a local beach. 

I believe that over the summer months, parking can be an issue at Sennen, but during off-season, we found a spot very close to the beach. And it cost us about £2 for an hour. Which could seem like a lot, but I didn’t mind paying that considering how expensive the summer can be.

Favourite TV Series?

American Horror Story: Apocalypse


I’m a huge fan of the AHS franchise. I’ve watched and rewatched them all a good few times, and I was so excited to watch the new Apocalypse series. And I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointing.

A great storyline that brings together Murder House, Hotel and Coven, Apocalypse felt like a really fan-driven series. I watched this on whilst my partner was on a work trip, and I had a long train ride and night away waiting for him to finish work, and it felt great to watch something heavy to sink my teeth into.

WATCH IT. But watch the rest of the series first and fall in love with the characters.
And that’s everything! I’m sorry this post is so slapdash, but October really has been hell up for getting everything sorted. Usual posting will be returning soon.

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