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I’m a very open blogger and reviewer, and would be happy to review any books/films/products.

I have a varied reading taste from historical fiction, to crime, to non-fiction and into fantasy and sci-fi, so anything would suit my needs.

Please note:

  • All my opinions are my own, and I would not be influenced by outsiders.
  • Books/Products may be sent to me, but I have the right to refuse anything that I consider morally and ethically negative, and this does not infringe on my right as a blogger.
  • At this present time, I cannot pay for advertising or products to be sent. It may change in the future, so please be aware of this.

Attached is a contact form – please leave all the necessary details, and I will get back to you promptly.

However, I do welcome real business enquiries through my professional email.

Email to use –

I would also love to host any giveaways or competitions.

Also, please be aware that any spam is filtered out automatically, and I will not be responding to any negative or unkind messages. If you have constructive criticism for me however, I more than welcome it. I’m all about self-improvement.

I also hold the right to refuse anything, and that will not infringe my rights as a blogger.

Brands/Companies I’ve worked with.




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