#IAmSizeSexy – First Blog Post and Introduction.

As I’ve said before, this is going to be a mix blog that is part reviews and part body confidence. And to me as a girl who was always called, ‘fat’, ‘disgusting’, ‘unhealthy’, ‘whale’, and the traditional, ‘ugly’, body confidence is such an important and necessary factor in my life, and not only that, but a very recent one.

In these blog posts, I want to explain my own journey into body confidence, give out fashion advice for curvy girls, cover questions about body weight and bullying, and just dispel some myths that come from the warped view that modernimage5 day society has put into beauty standards.

I am, in NO WAY, a fashion, trends, beauty, nutrition or fitness expert. I cannot speak for others, and I know that the tips and stories and opinions that I give out are personal to me, and have helped me in my journey of body confidence. In these blog posts,  I don’t want to offend people with anything I say, or anything that I assume. And if you, as the reader, have anything that you think is wrong, or offensive, please just send me a message, and I’ll either clarify, or rectify.

But, first of all let me explain my own story. Just so you can get an idea of who I am, and why I think a positive body image is so important for people nowadays.

At school age, and through adolescence and into my early adulthood, I was unhealthy. Unhealthy that my diet was poor, I did little to no exercise and I didn’t care much for my personal appearance or mental health. And I was going towards a weight problem that could had affected my actual health for the rest of my life. Now, in the last year or so, I’ve completely changed my life around. I’ve lost nearly two stone – and now sitting happily at a size 14 – I have upped my exercise to a regular amount, and I’ve taken control of my diet in a way that is healthier, yet I don’t cut anything out or limit myself.

And from this, I’ve got a body that is curvy, and still considered by society to be plussize, yet I feel and look much better. And at this point in my life, I am able to look into the mirror, and think ‘Yeah, you look nice today’. But, there’s always going to be negative days. Days, that I look in theimage4 mirror when I’ve got my comfiest and biggest pyjamas, and just think ‘oh god your thighs/face/arms/stomach’, and all I want to do is carve great slabs off myself.

And that’s what I think is the most warped thing of all. That I, as a twenty-one year old woman, who has a fantastic family, amazing friends, a fairly good brain and am in overall good health, has days that I think that I am the ugliest creature on earth. And it’s solely down to the body standards of the society that I grew up in.

Now, in this day and age, being my size is considered overweight, and practically obese. It is just is. There is no turning back from this. And from this, I have been told that I will never be loved, never be beautiful, and never look good in clothes. And this is incredibly damaging, especially to somebody who used to be so self-conscious about the fact that I had an ample bra size and wide hips etc.

But this is ridiculous. And I want this shaming to stop.

It’s ridiculous timage2hat I’m told these things by strangers. It’s ridiculous that my body, and the weight I carry, can make people want to verbally throw these cruel slurs at me. It’s ridiculous that, because of what is considered beautiful, instantly makes something different ugly. And how I, as not a curvaceous individual, cannot possibly be beautiful if we’re going by what society has deemed so.

I want to emphasis that I am not a skinny-shamer. I am not bashing different body shapes, or what makes us different body shapes. What I’m criticising is the limited view of beauty. I think beauty is much more than body type and size, and people, whatever shape, size, height and weight can be beautiful through their minds, and their actions. What they look like is a tiny percentage of what true beauty should be based in.

I am aware that there are people who are skinny-shamed, and told to fatten up, that they look sick, and that they would look better ‘with a bit more meat on their bones’, and I find this to be a truly saddening state of affairs too. Skinny and slender people do receive a barrage of abuse, and this needs to stop too. It doesn’t promote a healthy body or mental image, and can lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia. So, if you, as a reader have been personally targeted like this please contact me and we’ll get a blog post together.

So, what I will be doing in this blogs is promoting my body. My size 14, curvy-as-hell, big-footed, messy hair, and short-sighted appearance.  My ideas of beauty standards, and what think is a healthier and more positive ideal of beauty. As I said before, I am all for body positivity, and I am a full supporter of Effyourbeautystandards, and because of my appearances, my posts will be directed towards women of a curvier appearance. Just because of who I am. But please, carry on reading. To have a positive outlook on your body is such a rare thing in young girls nowadays, and this needs to stop. Everyone should be accepting.

And if you’re slim, apple, pear, hourglass, boyish, tall, short, and other shapes, you should be considered beautiful, and worthy of the body you were born into. Because you only get one. And you know what, to everyone out there who thinks that I am disgusting, and whatever because I am a size 14? I am Size Sexy. And that is because I chose to be.

Thank you.

-Alice x


Below are some links to articles I found interesting about beauty standards:

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3 thoughts on “#IAmSizeSexy – First Blog Post and Introduction.

  1. Kelsey Bogan says:

    You are beautiful! We simply do not hear that enough! I empathized with your story, it was the same for me. Unhealty eating and body image until I was in my 20s. A couple years ago I took charge of my own health and stopped making excuses. Starte dealing well and working out and lost a bunch of wait. But i think the very act of taking control of your body gives you so much more confidence. You don’t have to lose weight to be and feel beautiful, you just have to acknowledge and accept your own beauty. Great post! I just wrote a letter to my 17 year old self this week, talking about my experience being bullied, I’m sorry you’ve gone through similar 😦 Here it is if you like, http://dontyoushushme.com/2015/08/12/a-letter-to-my-17-year-old-self-surviving-a-bully/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jessiejinxie says:

    I’m very new to blogging but have been going crazy reading posts on this body confidence subject. I have suffered for years and can really relate to the points mentioned. Part of my problems came from school. I had “friends” that used to drag me down, call me fat and bullied me for years. I was wondering about your history at school, what made you eat and what we’re your experiences with the people there. Could you do a post on dealing with bullying and how that had affected you and how to overcome it?  Also if you have any tips for someone completely new to this blogging. I work as a journalist on a small local magazine in Colarado and would maybe request to include it if that would be ok.
    Thank you and stay fabulous!


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